Getting Limerick Active
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Getting Limerick Active
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LSP Workplace Wellbeing Day

Encouraging employees to be active is good for both business & employee health.

We are encouraging workplaces to support and motivate employees to get more active. 

As an employee, the benefits are:

– Increased energy levels and motivation at work

– Reduced stress levels

– More balanced lifestyle

As an employer, the benefits to the organisation are:

– Increased employee engagement

– Retain talent

– Reduced absenteeism


Get your workplace involved!

For LSP Workplace Wellbeing Day 2021, Limerick sports Partnership are offering five free classes throughout the day starting from 7:30am including mindfulness, workouts, Pilates, and nutrition.

The classes are all online. All you need to do is sign up to receive the zoom link. The same zoom link will be for all 5 classes – if you decide to choose more than one class.

Follow along the workouts with our qualified tutors and enjoy taking the time in taking care for your physical and mental health along with your fellow work mates for Workplace Wellbeing Day 2021.

Our aim is to get an excellent turnout of companies small to large around right across Limerick city and county to take this day for #WorkWell2021 and help us in #GettingLimerickActive


Choose a class that suits you

Workplace Wellbeing Day

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