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Steroids Webinar, Dec 1st 2021

An Honest Discussion about Steroids

Presented by Prof. Jim McVeigh, David Nolan & Dr. Arthur Lynch

On Wednesday, December 1st 2021, Limerick Sports Partnership and the Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum hosted a webinar entitled; “An Honest Conversation on Steroids”, exploring what we really know about anabolic steroids.

The webinar discussed the use of anabolic steroids and associated drugs and presented a more complex picture of those people who use anabolic steroids than that of the stereotypical image presented in the media. It explored influences on their drug use decisions including the specific drugs of choice and the regimes used. It also presented some of the drug related harms both in the short and long term, including those linked to injecting and the use of products from the illicit market.

Thank you to our speakers: Professor Jim McVeigh, David Nolan & Dr. Arthur Lynch for their insightful and thought-provoking presentations. 

Thank you to Phelim Macken, Limerick Sports Partnership Coordinator for chairing and  facilitating the Webinar.

Many thanks to our partners,  Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum, for supporting us with this presentation.

Finally, thank you to all our participants who joined us on the night and submitted some very interesting and relevant questions to the panel.  

Below is a summary of the webinar. We have included links to the presentation slides (plus video) and additional useful information links.

1) Welcome and Introductions – Phelim Macken LSP Coordinator

2) Professor Jim McVeigh gave the first presentation of the night:  ‘What do we really know about the use of anabolic steroids?’ 

3) Our second speaker David Nolan, gave a presentation on – ‘PED’s in Sport & Reducing the Risk of Harm’

4) Our third and final speaker, Dr. Arthur Lynch presented a  real world perspective of someone choosing not to use steroids in sports where their use is prevalent.

5) Q&A Session and Wrap up

Useful Information & Publication Links:

Jim McVeigh’s ResearchGate Page:

ASUK Website:

ASUK YouTube Channel:


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