Getting Limerick Active
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Getting Limerick Active
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Keep Active As We Age

Social Assets Older Adults Home Exercise Plan

HSE ‘Easy Exercises’ Booklet

Chair Based Seated Exercises for Older Adults

Fit 2 Function Series

Frank Fahey is a leading practitioner on physical activity.  He has first-hand experience in designing, developing and delivering physical activity catering for all ability levels.  Join Frank in our Fit 2 Function Series which consists of 4 separate sessions focusing on functional fitness.  East session becomes increasing more challenging as we progress through the Series.

Workouts with Colm Hanley

Physical Activity is important at any age. As we get older it’s essential we continue to exercise and take part in physical activity activities to improve our strength, mobility and balance. The following videos are tailored to encourage and suit all abilities in including 30 minutes of activity in their daily lives.

Citizens information

Information and advice for older people during Covid 19

Cara Yoga Circuit

Yoga Circuit for people with limited mobility. Can be competed seated or standing.

Age and Opportunity

Information on ways and means of older people to stay active and links to online classes

Adapted circuits

Siel Blue online classes for nursing homes and the public

ExWell @ Home

Simple exercise videos streamed on RTE website every Monday, Thursday and Friday that can be completed seated or standing

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