• Online Course

Self Care for parents and guardians course.

  • Online Course

Mental Health Awareness for parents.


  • Find up to date contacts of drug and alcohol services here



  • Mid-West Aries - Online Timetable

HSE Aries Schedule


  • Children and Mental Health Services in Limerick during Covid 19

Current services provision in the following areas during the COVID-19 restrictions from the Children and Young Peoples Services Committee (CYPSC) including information on:

Parenting and Family Support Services (in collaboration with the Parenting Limerick network)

Mental Health Services (in collaboration with Ciara Dempsey, Connecting for Life Mid West)



  • Connecting for Life Mid-West

Download a helpful poster outlining services and supports available during COVID-19 from HSE Mid West Community Healthcare


  • Mental Health Ireland

Information & Resources on ‘Five Ways for Tough Times- Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give’


  •  My Covid-19 Journal

‘Beating the Coronavirus- 20 seconds at a time’ Journal for young people developed bu Nicole Batiste from HUB FOR HELPERS.


  • Teen and Adult Covid-19 Wellness Packs

Wellness Packs for Adults and Teens developed by Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme. These wellness packs include tips & advice for minding your mental health during this time along with puzzles, colouring ideas, mindfulness and more.


  • GROW Mental Health

GROW Mental Health Recovery is launching a six-week initiative to help ‘Create Hope and Stay Positive’ in the face of Covid-19.

With the aid of the GROW Program we will address the various challenges of accepting the situation, dealing with isolation and coping with anxiety by helping you stay positive, look after yourself and create routine and balance.



  • HSE- General Contacts for Services



  • HSE- Littlethings



  • Limerick Mental Health Association



  • Managing Stress Through Belly Breathing

Step by Step guide to belly breathing and the benefits of focusing on breathing to control stress and anxiety. Developed by Sport Ireland Institute Performance Psychologist Jessie Barr.



  • Jigsaw Young people’s health in mind

The measures in place for the prevention of Covid-19 can make all the days blend into one. This creates challenges for looking after our mental health. Developing an ever-expanding range of information and advice, Jigsaw will offer you the help you need, if you're a young person, parent or working with young people. 



  • Co-Vid 19 Community Response: The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation for Ireland’s Covid-19 Community Fund is aimed at the immediate needs of organisations impacted by Covid-19 and focused on the following:

  • People over 60
  • People with respiratory illnesses or cancer
  • People experiencing domestic abuse
  • Isolated vulnerable people and families, particularly those living in rural areas
  • Mental health issues for those affected by Covid- 19

Please see the following link for further information: https://www.communityfoundation.ie/grants/types-of-grants/covid-19-response-fund