Getting Limerick Active
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Getting Limerick Active
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Cycling For Beginners Programme

University Limerick Eastgate carpark 24th Aug-28th Sept 2020

Well done to the 22 participants who completed the LSP Beginner Cycling Programme in 2020.

This was our first time facilitating this programme and we were delighted with the engagement and enthusiasm of all the participants and leaders involved.

Participants started working on their bike skills in the car park for the first week, and then progressed to cycling between 30-45km at the end of the 6 week programme.

Well done to all participants and to our Road Captains, Catherine, Dee, Helen, Ann, Isabela, Helena & Sharon for facilitating.

If you would like to book any upcoming LSP courses or programmes, follow link:

Lastly, keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates if you are interested in joining our Beginners Cycling Programme in 2021, Women on Wheels, or our indoor Turbo Cycling Programme.



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The Saying is true-once you get going, you never forget how to cycle a bike…even 34 years later!

MaireadProgramme Participant
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