Getting Limerick Active
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Getting Limerick Active
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Staff Lent Exercise Competition!

LSP staff Competition!!!

Back who you think will win the challenge!
LSP Lent Challenge Who will win?

We have taken up the challenge in work at Limerick Sports Partnership, and the competition is now underway! 

For the staff competition, our staff will get a point for every day they workout, points for how well they promote the challenge, and brownie points for how strenuous their workouts are.

40/46 Days

Lent Exercise Challenge 2021

Every year, to highlight the importance of including 30 minutes of physical activity every day, the Limerick Sports Partnership promote a 40/46-day lent exercise challenge.

(40 = taking 1 day rest per week, 46 = committing to 46 days non-stop)

For this year’s challenge we have had over 200 participants sign up to receive a workout every day for the 46 days from us which we hope will continue to reinforce those good healthy habits daily.

How about setting up a challenge in your workplace, or with your sports team, or with a group of friends?

We would like to hear from you!

Tag us in your 2021 lent exercise challenges @limericksports with the hashtag #LSPLentChalenge.

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